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A community for Zhang Yixing


A community dedicated to Changha's prince Zhang Yixing, also known as Lay, EXO's Chinese member.

Rules and Guidelines

• As this is a community for Yixing, all content must be related to him. This is not the place to be promoting fanfics, but we are open to accepting fan-made stuff related posts (graphics/icons etc). If you are unsure about a post, don't hesitate to get in contact.
• Remember to source all your posts and translations.
If a translation is your own, mention that as a source.
• To keep things neat, only have one picture/video outside the cut and keep it under 600 px wide.
Everything else goes under a cut/spoiler.
• Recommended image-hosting websites are tinypic, tumblr or your own lj gallery.
• Be mindful and respectful of all users and Zhang Yixing. Trolling is fun, but annoying. No hate will be tolerated, no matter who it is aimed at.
• Any feedback/suggestions/ideas are more than welcome.

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